Sustainable Energy Finance

Eco-Friendly Financial Services(EFFS) is a registered financial service provider registered with the National Credit Regulator (NCR CP 5054). EFFS funds renewable and energy efficiency projects for households and businesses. Weoffer responsible lending based on affordability and environmental management systems at competitive interest rates.

We facilitate a pay-as-you-save scheme that helps homes and businesses to be more energy efficient. Our scheme makes renewable energy and energy security more affordable by reducing the burden of upfront costs. To enhance sustainable energy finance, EFFS offers Eco-Loans, Eco-Finance, Eco-Projects, Power Purchase Agreement and the Eco-Walk event.

Eco-Loanwas launched as a personal finance scheme aimed at energy-efficient initiatives within general households. Eco-Loans assist households to invest in energy efficiency and security at low cost. Eco-Financeis the business and commercial package that supports private sector energy efficient projects. Eco-Finance packages assist businesses to actualize energy efficiency at affordable interest rates by offering financial support for energy efficiency and renewable energy initiatives.

EFFS has launched yet another service range within the Eco-Projects that supports business and households to achieve energy efficiency through several initiatives. To tie energy efficiency goals, the Eco-Projects play a vital role in assisting businesses with support systems and implementation of identified projects.

Our CSR launched the Eco-Walk event that seeks to promote the conversation about environmental sustainability through fun family walks. Our team is busy with a yet another exciting package aimed at the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

What do we do?

We pride ourselves in offering financial services at competitive interest rates that do not erode the savings accumulated from investing in renewable energy and enhancing energy efficiency. In South Africa energy security is a huge topic with growing load shedding. As a sustainable solution company, we offer a holistic approach to energy efficiency by offering finance and support services for energy efficiency through;


EFFS is a Sustainable development solution company that combines environmental, social and economic goals of your business and household. We have forward thinking in achieving a sustainable future, starting with energy efficiency, renewable energy and sustainability. Our Packages suits any size of a project and are built based on sound research and experience ground that gives the best results.


Duke Energy is a wholly owned subsidiary of EFFS read more


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